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“I LOVE the bags so much- where can I buy one in London please?”

Davina - UK

“I just wanted to say how great your bags look and well done for creating sports bags out of

plastic bags. I hope you your business is the huge success it deserves to be.”

Sally - UK

“I read an article in the Irish Independant newspaper about these bags. Comments: I read how the founder of the company is not only cleaning up his home city, but also providing very necessary employment opportunities to the local people. I definitely want one of these bags. It's great to

be able to be a part of people helping each other and cleaning up the environment. Would you be willing to ship bags to Ireland?”

Melissa - Ireland

“I bought my trashy bag from the shop at the National Trust for Scotland in Glenfinan, near Fort William, Scotland. I was really impressed by the bag not only for its looks but its sturdy aswell even though its only made from trash. I think they are a great idea and hope they are a worldwide success! Clean up Ghana!”

Victoria - Scotland, UK

“Absolutly amazing idea. im doing recycled fashion at my school and this is one of the most brilliant bags i've seen. im taking it into my school and will be advising people to go out and buy one, as it is helping save the enviroment and employing africans who i hope to be visiting in voluntary work next year , thanks again x”

Demmie - Scotland, UK

“Brilliant idea. Going down really well with young people here.....just need to get the ice cream people to use other patterns in their wrappers ;-) Such a good idea in so many ways. Helps the environment and helps people!! Really well done. Really impressive.”

Irene - Scotland, UK

“First could I congratulate you on the scheme you are running, as well as a great environmental benefit it is providing ma\ny jobs! When I read you leaflet I was very impressed!”

Hayley - UK

“We are on holiday in Scotland and I bought one of your bags from the Tourist Information Centre at Glenfinan near Fort William

Comments: I love the bag - it is really well made and I love the idea the idea that rather than go to landfill trash is being reused in this way. I would love to buy more for presents for family and friends.”

Jan - UK

“I personally believe you are doing a good job , providing job for the jobless and keeping the country clean, I say congratulations for a good work done.”

Isaac - Ghana

“Hi, I’ve just bought a Trashy Bag and I’d like to get some more for Christmas presents. I got my one from the Crathes castle shop in Aberdeen but they didn’t have your whole range. Can I order some from you direct? I think they’re fantastic-such a good idea and they look great too! Thanks!”

Beth - UK

“I would like to know if you deliver your bags also in Europe, I would like to buy them!”

Anna Maria - Italy

“Recently saw your brilliant Trashy Bags at a National Trust shop in Scotland.”

Lin - UK

“I am a Kiva Fellow in Cape Coast. I am also a master recycler in the United States and love what you guys are doing. I am collecting water sachets from the office and my own in order to ensure they don't end up on the street. It is also a way to inform all my Ghanaian friends and

colleagues about why recycling is so important.”

Cassie - Ghana

“I love what your doing with rubbish but i want to buy a sports bag with pink on it so it'll match my apple juice pencil case and my chocolate wrapper bag but i can't seem to find them any where near me! What shall i do i might be able to make one but it won't be the same!”

Millie - UK

“Do you remember me, I visited your office/factory the other day. Well I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful it was to meet you and see all the great things you are doing for our environment. I wrote about you on my blog so you might want to check it out. I have also added your website to my favourites list if that is ok?”


“I am a photographer but just loved the bag that I bought. I am trying to locate others. I would be happy to photograph them on some of my models as a donation to the cause. I love these bags and what they represent!”

Paula - CA, USA

“I bought some samples to show to some friends and shop owners in Holland. I have sold them to my own djembe customers. People buy them because they like the bags. They don’t even realize they are made of waste. When I

explain how they are made, they like them even more.”

Eelco - Holland

“BRILLIANT innovative idea! PLEASE bring this to the Upper East region! Get in touch with VSO and get them to make it into a 'sustainable livelihoods' programme?! Good luck!”

Louise - Ghana

“I absolutely LOVE my pink messenger bag, it hits all the right spots - environmentally, stylishly & practically. I really really don't understand why this product isn't sold more widely in the UK. I live near Brighton & just KNOW there will be a huge market for these if sold in the right outlets. Do you have anyone shouting your cause in the UK?... KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING! :-)”

Kathy - UK

“Now I've got a question: Where or how can I get these wonderful trashy bags?”

Sonja - Germany

“HOW DO I BUY.....PLEASE??? These bags are AMAZING!!!!”

Julie - UK

“On the Ion Life channel there was a show about going green and they dedicated a segment to trashy bags! Although I am just a student, I would love to support trashy bags cause. Is there a way I am able to purchase a bag from the United States?”

Martha - OR, USA

“I absolutely love everything about what you all at trashy bags are doing and i would love to show my support by purchasing one of your bags! How would i go about doing that? Again, thanks for keeping recycling alive!”

Steven - CA, USA

“I think it's so great what you're doing for the environment - and the world! Here in the States, the news coming from Ghana is usually not so good, but it's wonderful to actually see good things happening.”

Brice - USA

“I found your bags in a Portland Boutique and I own a store in Denver, CO that focuses on socially andecologically responsible products. I am VERY interested in carrying the bags and think they would sell really well in my 2 boutiques in town. Please send me order information!”

Megan - CO, USA

Some of Your Trashy Comments!

“I can't wait to buy one; they are so cute!”

Tringa - MS, USA

“Hello! I love your products and that they are so neat looking AND are helping the environment! Way to go! :) I like them so much that I would like some of your products, especially one of the sports bags.”

Mandy - TX, USA

“On the show "Green Matters" on the Ion Life channel 50.3.

Comments: I love your idea!!! I would LOVE to buy one of your bags.”

Stefanie - MS, USA

“In Accra at the ATAG trade fair in november I saw your Trashy bags and was delighted about them.”

Mirjam - Holland

“Would you be interested in sponsoring the film [Fantastic in Plastic] with a few bags so we can promote the work of Trashy bags further to our audience in Edinburgh?

Stefanie - AIM, Scotland, UK

“I got a trasy bag as Christmas present this year. I like the bag and the idea behind very much.”

Michaela - Germany

“I would like to show some support to your project, I think it is very meaningful. Such a touch of life project. I want to buy some of your products to share with my friends.”

Andy - CA, USA

“I also love your line of wallets and little zipper bags. How can I order your products?”

Enid - VA, USA

“I live in germany and I love your products !!!!! Where can I buy your bags in germany? Or is it possible to order directly online on your site ? Please help me to get some of your fantastic bags!”

Tanja - Germany

“I love the idea and the product... and I love Ghana. I bough two for forthcoming birthday gifts.Now

I want to buy more.please tell me how I can buy them?”

Jennifer - UK

“I love it! I get compliments on my Trashy Bag all the time. I live in Seattle, WA and the people who live here are very interested in environmental issues and supporting causes

that are making a difference.”

Jenny - WA, USA

“I read in a Belgian newspaper about your Trashy Bags projects.


Art - Belgium

“Great initiative!!!

Is there a possibility to buy a bag????

Keep going!

Best regards”

Wesley - Belgium

“Article in the Belgium newspaper "De Standaard", this weekend 3 april 2010. Congratulations. Very nice project !”

Ilse - Belgium

“Hi, this project is very impressive. I love your consciousness for the environment. Creating a

cleaner city and country. Creating employment. And very very beautifully products. Truely an example for the world. Congrats and keep up the good work!”

Lies - Belgium

“I saw reportage in czech television about Trashy bags few minutes ago. I just want to tell you that it's really

great idea and I like it very much!”

Martine - Czech Republic

“My  daughter was in Ghana , on internship from law school. She was very impressed with the product and the story behind the bags.”

Janet - FL, USA

“I was directed to your website by a friend and am absolutely amazed by what you are doing in Ghana.”

“BRILLIANT innovative idea!”
Sandema - Ghana

“I love the look of your products and would absolutely want to buy some -- are you planning to sell your bags online at any point in the future?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!”

Susan - NY, USA

“I spoke to you today in York. these bags are really cool. how do you buy them? told you i would check them out :) take it easy.”

Anthony Whitbourn - York, UK

“I just found your bags at the Hubshop Rotterdam, and I really like them! I've lived for a very short while in

Ghana and of course had a lot of Fanice, so the bags bring back some nice memories.”

Koen - Holland

“I saw your story on green network

Comments: Really impressed. I am praying for your upmost sucess.”

Dinah - CO, USA

“I´ve been looking at your website, several times now, and I really like your bags and thoughts behind them. It´s a brilliant idea that supports several good purposes.”

Gitte - Denmark

“I spent 3 months in West Africa over 18 years ago and would love to have a bag to remind me of this wonderful area of the world and help with the plastic bag crisis. I

remember seeing those everywhere when I was there. I look forward to your response! Keep up the great work you are doing.”

Michelle - CO, USA

“How can this brillant idea be replicated in other neighbouring African countries such as Liberia?

I can't just believe how creative people are.”

Nelson - Liberia

“I just want to say hello to you guys and congratulate you about what you do, which is both brilliant, useful, thoughtful and wonderful!”

Eri - Athens, Greece

“These Trashy Bags are a great

solution for this problem, it provides work for the people and they even look magnificent!”

Ilse - Netherlands

“I'm so impressed and inspired by the work your company is doing!”

A. Murray, PhD - UC Berkeley

“I am highly impressed with the good work you are doing to improve the environment.”

Sampson - Accra

“What a good project!!!!!

We bought some products and people in holland were really enthusiast!!!!”  
Astrid - Holland

“Well done! A really great idea! I look forward to buying a cool trashy bag in the UK shops or via the internet!”

An - UK

“I rarely leave comments or sign up for mailing lists but I was so struck with the ingenuity of the idea and it's ethos that I felt compelled to.”

Juanita - UK

“My brother was in Ghana last summer and brought me one of your wonderful bags. Everyone who saw it told me that was great! Now I am wondering if it is possible to order some bags from here (Italy) since we're not coming to Ghana for a while. Thanks in advance & congratulations for your awesome work!”

Francesca - Italy

“I lived in ghana between 2000-2002 and am so happy to see your company doing this! would love

to buy a messenger bag.”

Reg - RI, USA

“I went out yesterday and took a 'Trashy Bags' wallet I brought at a Folk Festival some time ago. I have to say it's my favourite wallet - I have a lot!”

Jodie - UK

“It's a super super campaign I must say and the most inspiring.”

Chani - Sri Lanka

“We have generated a huge amount of interest in just using our bags (a tote for me and a backpack for my daughter's school bag). everyone wants to know where to buy them. we've given leaflets to the school and local brownie group. as a family we really believe in your ethos. what a fantastic thing you have set up! if i had my way all schools would use a bookbag made by trashybags!”

Juanita - UK

“My daughter was lucky enough to be able to find one of your tote bags at a thrift store. I would be so happy if I was able to purchase several of your different bags for my entire family. Knowing they are of such a help in Ghana and also I really love the beauty of the bag just knowing it is of help to the people and supplies so many jobs.”

Sharon - USA

“Wonderful to see that someone has a mind and a will to motivate people to collect and make something

useful out of wasted material.”
Raymond - Holland

“My friend in math class has one.and i thought that it was cute and i want one=] They are awesome and i think they are the cutest thing ever.

Brittany - USA

“What a fantastic idea and a wonderful business opportunity. I'll be back to buy some bags when the online ordering is available.”

Charlene - USA

I rarely leave comments or sign up for mailing lists but I was so struck with the ingenuity of the idea and it's ethos that I felt compelled to.

Juanita - UK

“We would like to do similar type of project in Delhi and Banglore . Will you lend us your expertise.”

Birendra - India

“I learned about your company on CNN. I think this is a brilliant idea! I will be in Ghana in August, I will definitely buy some of your bags!!”
Michelle - SC, USA

“Your bags are awsome and we love them loads we are using ours as school bags and lots of people are commenting . they are very useful we love trashy bags!”

Izzy - UK

“I think this is a great idea and definitely something worth supporting since it is not only cleaning up the environment, its creating jobs too for the local people. More ideas like this around the world would really help!”

Anastasia - USA

“I love your idea and your products are really amazing.”

Kate - Thailand

“I was considering purchasing a bag to match after I saw the wallet lying on the table and I realised, again, how awesome it was. Thank you!”

Jodie - UK

 I was inspired by your work and believe the audience in Scotland will love to share delighted at what you are doing in Ghana apart from creating good environment by using the waste material you are also creating wealth and employment your creativity.”

Felix - UK

“I was watching something one night and saw a segment on trashed bags. I think it is a great idea and I'm

wondering if they are available to buy on the US?”

Cindy - USA

“I love your bags and also the reason why you are making these bags.”

Julia - FL, USA

“Newspaper in Belgium, de standaard

Comments: I love it. How can I buy this?”

Stefanie - Belgium

“I LOVE your TrashyBags... Blessings to you all,”

Cindy - USA

“I got the blue messenger bag for Christmas from my mom who lives in Dodowa and I love it! What a brilliant idea!!! Thank you for doing this to help Ghana!”
Teresa - AZ, USA

“We were most impressed by the inviting atmosphere at Trashy Bags and the warm welcome that everyone gave us during our visit.”

Amber - Ghana

“They are brilliant, and would like to know how we can purchase them as I am very


Katrina - UK

“Saw one of your bags at a local gallery. Love them!”

Robin - Margate, UK

“What an amazing project and what an amazing journey you have taken. God Bless you and all your efforts.”

Betty - NJ, USA

“I heard about Trashy Bags from Public TV. Please tell me how I can purchase them.”

Donna - USA

“I and my friends think they are great and are thinking of ordering some.”

Jared - USA

“I am most interested in buy one of your products, because when I saw one of your bags I love it! so please, can you tell where I can buy one on the www? thank you.”

Alicia - Spain

“I lived in Ghana for 9 years and saw the rapid infiltration of plastic bags (sachets, fanice, etc) ending up on the sides of the roads. Thank you for taking on this project...not only are the bags awesome,

but you are truly making a difference! How can I get myself a bag?!!? I want one!”

Amy - Guatemala

“I came to ghana in April and visited your factory, I was very inspired when taalking to you guys.”

Jo - UK

“I'm so impressed and inspired by the work your company is doing!”

Grace - Scotland

“Many, many thanks!

I think what you guys are doing is wonderful! God Bless!”

Stephanie - MS,USA

“A friend visited with a trashy bag and i fell in love with it. Please let me know how i order one.”

Lisa - UK

“Congratulations with your initiative!”

Jose - Belgium

“OPB had a special on trashy bags

Comments: i wanna buy one how can i purchase one?”

Nicole - USA


Salina - OR, USA

“In June I visited your factory of trashy bags and I was really impressed with the products you are making out of the waste plastic bags.”

Sophie - Holland

“This is one of the best ideas out of Ghana; not only does TRASHY BAGS provide the

convenience of carrying your stuff around, but also solves a bigger problem.. Kudos!!”

Kutsoati - Boston, USA

“I found an advertisement about the trashy bags and I absolutely LOVE the idea!”

Loesje - Belgium

“Saw on television on Sat. morning. Think this is an awesome project and want to help spread the news.”

Jackie - USA

“Congratulation for this beautiful project!”

Nathalie - Belgium

“I have come across your website and read all about 'gold projects' and i think this is a fantastic idea - welldone and thank you! i will tell all my friends and community about what you are doing.”

Katie - Scotland

“Great!! is it possible to by your bags? i hope so.”

Silvia - Italy

“I work for the magazines onboard Emirates Airline and I am currently writing a feature about Trashy Bags for our first class/business magazine 'Portfolio'. I was wondering if you would please be able to send me pictures - like the ones on your website (high resolution is required) to accompany the piece?”

Vhairi - Dubai, UAE

Referred: The Independent Newspaper, UK

“Hello, I am a freelance journalist for COLORS magazine. We are currently producing a book about recylced objects and would like to feature your bags..”

Suzanne - Wales, UK

“Read in the Independent Newspaper...

Excellent story, product and website. What you are achieving with waste in the local community is brilliant and an example to us all. How can we buy your bags here in the U.K.. We would like to support what you are doing and your products are fantastic. One of your bags would brighten up a grey day in Scotland! Good luck to all.”

Debra - Scotland - UK

“I have family in Ghana and I would like to obtain a few of these wonderful bags. Please tell me, where can they be purchased? Happy Easter and God Bless.”

Emefa - Slovenia

“I am so very impressed with all that you have done.

Jackie - USA

I love the gym bag. Do you sell to the US yet?

Jamie - OH, USA

“I came to Ghana in April and visited your factory. I was very inspired when talking to you guys!” - Jo, UK

“I love your idea and your products are really amazing.”

Kate - Thailand

“I am so very impressed with all that you have done.”

Jackie - USA

“I have family in Ghana and I would like to obtain a few of these wonderful bags. Please tell me, where can

they be purchased?”

Emefa - Slovenia

“I am a great fan of your bags and would like to know if you would be able to make my son a guitar carrying bag?”

Jenny - UK

Want to leave your own comments?

Want to leave your own comments.?